The Awaken! Story

We started Awaken! Because a lot of businesses seem bereft of the fresh thinking and commitment to excellence that the unique challenges of our times are calling for.

Within the business world, we all seem too busy squeezing, cutting, sweating, shredding and bludgeoning our way to ever smaller increments of growth to invest properly in a more refined way of driving business performance and organisational excellence.

Our purpose is to challenge this paradigm and provocatively wake up the working world to new possibilities for growth in a people focussed way. When thinking of a mission statement we quipped that we aren’t really a consultancy with a mission, but instead missionaries that happen to consult!

When helping our clients to grow in new ways, Awaken! Provides data-driven arguments for going beyond lip service and actually upping the optimisation and engagement of people – the often forgotten enablers of successful strategy execution and change initiatives. We do this through engagements that focus on mindset enablement and a data-driven approach to leadership development and change management.

Our Global team of consultants and coaches drive exceptional results at board level downwards with selected Large Corporates, SME’s and ‘Not for profits’ who share our core values and calling to create a better working world.

Our Services
Values, Vision & Mission

“In times of change, learners inherit the earth whilst the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists”

-Eric Hoffer


We believe that most change and strategy execution initiatives fail because of a lack of human engagement. Our proprietary execution framework, ‘The Voyage’ sets out to overcome this by building and leveraging human centred change from the outset.

‘The Voyage’ – Human Centred Strategy Execution

1. Setting The Course
We work with a leadership team to ensure that they have a compelling direction of travel which comprises meaningful values, a vision which encompasses a Purpose and Mission and a strategy that is likely to deliver the mission.

3. Sailing The Course
Once buy in is secured, there is sometimes a skills gap that needs to be closed – this is done through leading edge corporate training and other learning initiatives.

2. Selling The Course
We work with leaders to identify opportunities for engaging hearts, minds and hands behind the new direction. This could be through regular town halls and established engagement windows or through conducting special launch events and conferences. We also run workshops for all strata’s of an organisation to ensure that there is an appetite for the direction of travel and also enough resilience to deliver it.

4. Maintaining The Course
In many unsuccessful change and execution programmes as soon as green shoots appear, the foot comes of the throttle. This is when activity should actually be ramped up! At this stage of our framework, we work alongside a client to ensure that vivid and emotionally engaging embedding is actually scaled up.


“The Awaken! Team made us look at our business in a new way and took us on a journey whereby we saw that rapid growth and profitability relies on a pre-curser of people and culture. This paradigm shift has future-proofed our business and given us the powerful base that we need in order to push on.”

JS, Director, Fast-growing SME



Meet the team


Jonathan Bowder

Director & Lead Consultant

Jonathan has over 25 years’ commercial experience in the fields of consulting, coaching, leadership development, mindset enablement, and sales leadership. He has sold in, managed and delivered Global transformation programmes on five continents that focus on leadership development, culture change, business psychology and sales leadership & strategy.

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Rachel Kirya

Project Manager

Rachel has over 10 years, organisational and administrative experience in a range of fields. She has managed and co-ordinated projects on an international level and her passion for helping others and team spirit always guarantee positive results.

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“Our clients find that they get better results when they understand how their brains work! This is the user manual for the brain that you never got at school”

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